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Immersive Worlds

The most experienced and successful immersive designers in the country; we are renowned for creatively designing and executing epic immersive productions for top tier clients in progressive live activations around Australia and New Zealand.


We also self produce the hugely popular Immersive CinemaUnderground Cinema and Feast of the Deceiver.

"One of its most thrilling draw cards is the way in which it transforms innocuous locations into cinematic scenes, dropping you unexpectedly into a completely different world"

- Crikey


Photo Credit: Pat Stevenson, We Are Hobo


With over 1.5 million fans listening to her monthly on Spotify, world renowned international Dj, Alison Wonderland, toured Australia and NZ in 2017 with an exciting and innovative Wonderland Scarehouse Project to capture the attention of her fans on a whole new level.  Secret Squirrel Productions were engaged to create the cool immersive scare factor for the entire tour. Taking place in huge outdoor festival spaces around Australia and New Zealand for up to 10,000 fans per show, we designed and executed a twisted Fury Road creative that included live performances, high level parkour stunts, full soundscapes and interactive set build experiences for the massive activation making something totally original and cool for her fans to talk about and share online.


Set to solidify Call of Duty Black Ops 3’s place in pop culture and capture the attention of fans with a uniquely, immersive experience on a scale that only COD can deliver, Activision Blizzard engaged Secret Squirrel Productions to build a Morg City themed live and interactive Zombie Escape Room for its latest game launch. Taking six months to plan, create and execute the huge activation, approximately 142 professional designers, builders, specialists, producers and actors were able to bring the Secret Squirrel vision to life.


With a brief from Universal Sony to create a flash mob activation in a high traffic location for the Blu-ray/DVD launch of Les Miserables, we collaborated with the Sydney Philharmonia Choir and Sydney Youth Orchestra to recreate the film’s iconic barricade scene. Taking place in the streets of Paris, we chose the Sydney Central train station for its grandeur and acoustics. We handmade large pieces of aged façade for our moveable set, which matched the pallet and design of the film, and with our actors, brought the baricade scene to life with detailed costumes and a epic live musical performance. Early morning commuters were stopped in their tracks, as our actors led the choir and orchestra into place as the classic scene came to llife seemlingly out of nowhere garnering strong public and TV media attention!

Photo Credit: Daniel Bilsborough


Joining forces with Secret Foodies to construct a creative culinary journey of Decadence to experience the world of the film Chocolat in a whole new way. To break into the Melbourne market, Secret Foodies wanted to try something different. Our collaborative partnership allowed us to match food with film as we designed an intergrated gourmet menu, which reflected the film’s French provincial feel, that was timed perfectly to be in sync with the film! Before, during and after the film Secret Squirrel Productions created the live world and performance of Chocolat for guests to be immersed into a dreamlike decadent state to remember for years to come.

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